This week- much to the entertainment of my social and professional circle- I appeared to set the internet on fire by stating publicly my opinion that there is a conflict of interest at the heart of the primary accrediting body for Strength & Conditioning within the United Kingdom. The usual well reasoned and civil twitter debate ensued, culminating in me being labelled a liar and a money grabber as someone who makes a big portion of their living by selling education and mentorship to strength & conditioning professionals.

Rather than attempt to lay out my position on Twitter, which is…

I was an elite level strength coach. I went all over the world. I worked at the highest level of my sport. I got paid more in a month than I once did in a year. I got the respect of my peers and the standing within the field that I craved. It meant everything to me, until it didn’t. Then I walked away.

If you’ve never heard of me before, here’s the bio: I was a passionate and deeply untalented rugby athlete growing up. I hit the gym in 2000 as a 15 year old trying to make up…

Keir Wenham-Flatt

Sport professional, writer and coach educator

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